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The ancient city of Bar was partially destroyed by an earthquake, the villagers decided to rebuild the city closer to the sea and not the previous situation where it was located. In the old town house were saved and people will still use the old city bar is known as Stari Bar and is where we will focus. The traditional slow food restaurant called Kaldrma. The rural movement called Slow Food born following the arrival of fast food in Italy and spans neighboring countries, this movement tries to dignify the kitchen and food preparation and respecting the seasons of food. The town of Stari Bar has several cultural festivals related to food and are very proud of their traditional agricultural product. The main production is olive.

The restaurant tries to lure the rural world, as close to the years before the industrial revolution experience, the building if this Handmade without any standardization, beams, stones, furniture coating walls, wood oven even signs of entry. They have had a lot of respect preserving utensils and many paintings that reflect daily on the field, you can also see this on a rough terrain and the house is uneven, producing a magical confusion between the street and the house.

Main elements.

– Arrangement of furniture

– Vegetable facade

– Soil texture inside

– Stone oven

– Wooden structure

– Zoning Restaurant

– Inner texture walls

– Decorated walls

– Barred windows



– Engagement and identity

– memory and projection

– Belief and meaning

– Enquiry and Learning

– Health and wellbeing


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