Cyprus_Phase 1 (Review)

This is a sixteenth century inn which is located in Nicosia, Cyprus. Its appearance is like a grim fortress, that in the old colonial days, the British used this khan as Nicosia Central Prison. The windows were always high up and small like a method security because of marauders. In the interior patio there is an octagonal tower used for prayers like a mosque, with a fountain below. Around the patio and downstairs are the shops and bars, while the merchants had their bedrooms upstairs.

Now, it has been restored to its original use and the different spaces have returned to arts and crafts workshops, galleries, coffes and restaurants, frequented by artists, locals and tourists.

The building has two floors, in the first one there are 68 rooms of which 10 open to the outside of the East Han. In the second floor, there are other 68 rooms, too. All of them, are opened to the vaulted galleries surrounding a square floor patio.

The main elements are:

  • Opaque and exterior façade like fortress
  • Vaulted galleries with an Exchange space
  • Arches of patio’s façade like permeable skin
  • The mosque like sacred space in the middle of the bustle
  • The small windows of the rooms
  • Climate operation of the patio´s structure (natural light, shadows, temperature, ventilation)

Perspectives and Aspects of Culture.

  1. Identity and Engagement
    1. Diversity and Difference
    2. Belonging and Community
  2. Creativity and Recreation
    1. Innovation and Adaptation
    2. Leisure and Relaxation
  3. Memory and Projection
    1. Heritage and Inheritance
    2. History and Records
  4. Wellbeing and Health
    1. Integrity and Autonomy
    2. Inclusion and Participation

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