Morocco_Phase 1

Despite of having a Marocain majority of population, Marocco it´s a country well suited to the European culture, by direct influence of the Spanish and French protectorates. However This circumstance didn´t make lost his culture furthermore has enriched his link with the Mediterranean sea.
In this first phase we had analyzed four Social locations connected directly with the culture and choose the one we consider the most private and intimate.
The Traditional Marocain Salón It’s a fix element you will find in every House of the country, regardless of his size or riches, and it´s a symbol representative of the Hospitality of the Moroccan people. Used for the living uses of an ordinary house, Always will be open to shelter the related family, friends or guest, where the owner will share food, drinks and a place to sleep in case of being necessary, having a broad example of daily situations.
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