Lebanon_Phase 1


Smoking shisa (or nargile) is a habit often seen in Lebanon and its use is associated with people of all edges without distinction, including children since 14 years old. It’s used to be family entertainment and specially with friends.

In a shisa cafe it’s common gather a group of friends to drink, smoke, chat and play some casual games. Although this hobby has it rules: like smoking slow due to it’s a relaxing activity, shouldn’t  give the hose directly to another person, just leave it on the table, smoking it with great care, etc.

Regarding the waiter, he brings the shisa and inflames it, then, often passes through your table with a basket of metal and tweezers to lend three coals more to maintain the temperature.

The coffee define different spaces using certain materials, that is to say, changing zones changes the material / coating finish, ceiling, floor. The corner where smoking is characterized by placing enough large sofas to join a group of people, one or more small tables as sign that one nargile could be fit and the same is shared among all friends or family, sometimes also put carpets, curtains or similar to give a warm space.

Aspects of culture: tradition, custom, emotions, family, comfort, relaxation, comfort, friendship…


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