Greece_Phase 1

TAVÉRNE It is called Tavern to a little restaurant where it is served greek food. As Greeks have migrated elsewhere, tavernes have spread throughout the world, especially countries such as the USA and Australia. The taverna is an integral part of Greek cuisine and of Greek culture. The taverna has become an integral part of Greek culture and has become familiar to people from other countries who visit Greece and through the establishment of tavernes overseas by expatriate Greeks. In these taverns, people usually relate to eat, to dance, and to enjoy with other people, it’s very typical of Mediterranean culture, open and social, where we usually use this behavior in order to have a good time. This situation take part of the everyday life in Greece, forming a plot of taverns that creates multitude of relationships. The main document is a film by Costas Ferris, in 1983 that narrates the live of Marika Ninou and her job in a music company. The architecture elements that appears in the tavern and favors or improve the action or situation are: The stage, separate with a double height floors and by, an empty space which we recognize because of the pavement change or the difference material. The kitchen zone and the kitchen bar are in a determined part in the room. The light in the tavern is different depending on the zone. Greek people use to share the food that´s why the size of the table normally are little tables and loose chairs, people stand up to dance and sits for eating, with no restrictions. There are specific windows, the walls are decorated and there are elements hanging from the ceiling. Near the stage, we found a lot of big wine barrels. The instruments that are used for the performance are the bouzouki, the baglamas and the guitar and sometimes they uses the piano. Moreover the atmosphere created is very influenced by the cigar smoke. – Edited video from: “Rembetiko” (1983) directed by Costas Ferris – Architectural gadgets and architecture elements:

  • Kitchen bar
  • Wall decoration
  • Hanging elements
  • Wine barrels
  • Stage
  • Furniture: Single tables, chairs
  • Instruments like: Bouzouki, Baglamas, Guitar, Piano
  • Artificial light: Situation and intensity
  • Windows
  • Pavement (change and double high)
  • Cigar smoke

– Perspectives and Aspects of Culture

  1. Identity and Engagement
    1. Diversity and Difference
    2. Belonging and Community
    3. Ethnicity and Language
    4. Religion and Faith
    5. Friendship and Affinity
    6. Home and Place
    7. Monitoring and Reflection
  2. Creativity and Recreation
    1. Aesthetics and Design
    2. Performance and Representation
    3. Innovation and Adaptation
    4. Celebrations and Festivals
    5. Sport and Play
    6. Leisure and Relaxation
    7. Monitoring and Reflection
  3. Memory and Projection
    1. Tradition and Authenticity
    2. Heritage and Inheritance
    3. History and Records
    4. Indigeneity and Custom
    5. Imagination and Hope
    6. Inspiration and Vision
    7. Monitoring and Reflection
  4. Enquiry and Learning
    1. Curiosity and Discovery
    2. Deliberation and Debate
    3. Research and Application
    4. Teaching and Training
    5. Writing and Codification
    6. Meditation and Reflexivity
    7. Monitoring and Reflection
  5. Wellbeing and Health
    1. Integrity and Autonomy
    2. Bodies and Corporeal Knowledge
    3. Mental Health and Pleasure
    4. Care and Comfort
    5. Inclusion and Participation
    6. Cuisine and Emotional Nourishment
    7. Monitoring and Reflection

– Extra information: “Take the World” (1967) directed by Thanasis Veggos. Moment: 1:07:20 by Ricardo de Aratanha Photo by Ricardo de Aratanha By Ermou and I. Ksanthaki in

Photo by Ermou and I. Ksanthaki (Taverna BARBA SIDERIS) in

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