Croatia – Phase 1

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Buza Bar is located in Dubrovnik and it is one of the most beautiful bar in the city.

What makes it different from others is the situation: behind the city wall, it is hanged on the cliffs right above the sea, with an amazing incomparable panorama of the open Adriatic. It is also known as the “hole-in-the-wall” because of the way to access to this place from the city and, actually, “Buža” means “hole” in the old Dubrovnik dialect. It is the essence of the city, a social event where foreigners become domestics. It is a daily stop for everyone who wants to go there for swimming, jumping to the sea or just for sitting there to have a cold drink and enjoy the sunset.

Main document:

(Edited video from Ashley Colburn – TV documentary)

 We can divide the experience in four phases:

Coming upon a hole in the city-wall.

Breaking through the city-wall.

Surprising effect.

Enjoying & sharing the sea and the sunset.

The elements that we can export to the next phases are: the sea, the vertical situation, the red light (sunset), the breeze, the cliff jumping ritual, the different levels of intimacy, situation over the sea, the access through the city wall to an unknown place (surprise effect), the irregularity of the surface (private spaces), the orientation,…

 Additional info:

Euro Trip Redux: How to find the Buza Bar in Dubrovnik, Croatia


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